Home Budget Pro FAQs:

Q:  How secure is the credit card purchase import feature?

A:  All of the data including account numbers and passwords are encrypted both on your computer and over the internet. Never connect to a website that does not begin with https. No legitimate credit card company uses non-encrypted OFX websites. 

Q:  I’d like to see a new feature added to Home Budget Pro. How to I submit a feature request?

A:  We’re always working on adding useful features to Home Budget Pro. To submit a request just fill out the form on our Contact page to send us an email with the request.

Q:  Are you planning on supporting automatic downloads for savings and checking accounts?

A:  Yes, we are planning on adding this in the near future.  The goal of Home Budget Pro is to handle your budget not to manage your accounts and balances. We’d like to add the ability to download debit/check purchases but not to keep live account balances etc.

Q:  How do I know when an update is available for Home Budget Pro?

A:  Home Budget Pro will automatically notify you when an update is available. It is recommended that you accept any update to Home Budget Pro. Once accepted the new installer is downloaded and run on your computer. NOTE: Your current budget data will not be affected by software updates.

Q:  I have a financial goal I’d like to track with Home Budget Pro.  How do I track my progress?

A:  Goal tracking did not make the initial release of Home Budget Pro but it is planned in future releases. Right now you’ll need to add a category for the goal and budget toward the goal every month. 


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